Friday, 11 February 2011

Two decades!

That's how long I've been alive now, boo! :( Turning 20 actually bothered me quite a lot, not entirely sure why. Hate to imagine when I get to 30 or even worse...40. Oh dear!

Glad my birthday was on a Tuesday this year, treated myself to a Domino's Texas BBQ <3
 Texas BBQ®
And since it was Two for Tuesdays it was half price with my flatmate :) However the lovely pizza was later wasted through a tactical chunder >< 
Saves on calories I guess? :S

After scoffing my pizza in about 5 mins, I popped round to Zoe's for her to perform miracles and make me over again a la this post. She did a lovely job again as you can see from my make up and curls in the pics further down.

My flatmates got me this awesome cake as well! I didn't want to cut it ><

My crazy kitty card and penis pasta, courtesy of Chloe since she's just been to Rome for the weekend!
I love how excited I got over the balloon, I'm such a child >< Zoe also got me some lovely Soap and Glory shampoo and conditioner. She knows I'm kinda obsessed with it haha
Becca (left) and Kim (centre) are also my housemates for next year so this photo will definitely be making an appearance in our decorations!

It was a pretty good night apart from it raining on the walk home! We ended up at a drum and bass/dubstep night towards the end which was kinda surreal! I did feel like I was on drugs at the time, intense! ><

I'm going home for the weekend tomorrow, I'm so excited. Second birthday and more presents haha! I also get to see my best friend Bec again and I'm sure she'll have plenty of gossip from Paris :D

PS. A little experiment today showed that if you get your legs out a bit and chat to the Subway guy, you will get loads of extras and the best subway ever for regular price. Thank you! I'm ashamed of it, but I'm a whore for Subway haha ;)

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