Friday, 18 February 2011

Birthday Weekend

So I had a lovely weekend at home and celebrated a second birthday haha :)

I got to open all my presents when I got home Friday night <3
 I always get things with Alice in Wonderland because I love it and I was Lewis Carroll in my Year 6 play! ;)

Think my parents must have been praying to the shopping gods on Saturday in York. I am notoriously picky when it comes to watches and I needed a new one for my birthday since my old one had had 8 years of battering for me. As well as this, I have tiny wrists (make the OK sign with your hand, my wrist will fit in the circle) so most watches look enormous on me. It was a minor miracle when I managed to find one I loved in the first shop haha!
My sister got me these roll up pumps to go in my handbag as well. Awesome!

Got a few other bits as well, chocolate, a belt, more Soap and Glory goodies. My brother got me a toasty maker as a sort of joke because I keep trying to steal the one from home XD

We went for lunch at The Harlequin Cafe which was so nice
Dinner was at the Sangthai Restaurant which was also divine, I'd recommend to anyone. Not sure why we haven't been before, but we'll definitely be going again!
 Birthday cocktail! It had a real orchid in as well <3

Oh I managed to fit in getting new glasses as well. Bye bye red and black Jasper Conrans, hello sexy flower glasses ;) haha!

Feeling much better after a bit of spoiling from my Mum haha. I got back Sunday night and then of course it was Valentine's on Monday. The lovely Zoe popped round with a surprise card. Isn't she a sweetie?!

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