Friday, 18 February 2011

Recent purchases!

Motel dress with a low back, £9 in Topshop.  Has a mark on it though so I'll have to handwash it before I get to wear it. Boo! [Edit: Just seen this on the Motel website at full price still! £42, I think not]
 Best pants ever! 90p Topshop and they glow in the dark!

Shearling boots. [I know that shearling is out of season now but I don't caaaaaaare ><] Primark, £10
 Primark, £18. May still return these though!
 Primark, £8. Love the colours in this shirt. Adding to my checked shirt collection, oops.
 £12, QED London at TK Maxx. Think this would be described as a cape top? Idk, it's floaty and lovely :)
 £18, (originally £42)Max C at TK Maxx 

£18, TK Maxx. May take this to Shop and Rock on Sunday to get shortened! :O

Think I've bought a few other bits and pieces as well. Another pair of shorts, some underwear. Ooh if you're about to buy a mascara or lipstick, head to Boots. I had a £2 off any mascara or lipstick voucher on the Advantage card machine! :)

Birthday Weekend

So I had a lovely weekend at home and celebrated a second birthday haha :)

I got to open all my presents when I got home Friday night <3
 I always get things with Alice in Wonderland because I love it and I was Lewis Carroll in my Year 6 play! ;)

Think my parents must have been praying to the shopping gods on Saturday in York. I am notoriously picky when it comes to watches and I needed a new one for my birthday since my old one had had 8 years of battering for me. As well as this, I have tiny wrists (make the OK sign with your hand, my wrist will fit in the circle) so most watches look enormous on me. It was a minor miracle when I managed to find one I loved in the first shop haha!
My sister got me these roll up pumps to go in my handbag as well. Awesome!

Got a few other bits as well, chocolate, a belt, more Soap and Glory goodies. My brother got me a toasty maker as a sort of joke because I keep trying to steal the one from home XD

We went for lunch at The Harlequin Cafe which was so nice
Dinner was at the Sangthai Restaurant which was also divine, I'd recommend to anyone. Not sure why we haven't been before, but we'll definitely be going again!
 Birthday cocktail! It had a real orchid in as well <3

Oh I managed to fit in getting new glasses as well. Bye bye red and black Jasper Conrans, hello sexy flower glasses ;) haha!

Feeling much better after a bit of spoiling from my Mum haha. I got back Sunday night and then of course it was Valentine's on Monday. The lovely Zoe popped round with a surprise card. Isn't she a sweetie?!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Two decades!

That's how long I've been alive now, boo! :( Turning 20 actually bothered me quite a lot, not entirely sure why. Hate to imagine when I get to 30 or even worse...40. Oh dear!

Glad my birthday was on a Tuesday this year, treated myself to a Domino's Texas BBQ <3
 Texas BBQ®
And since it was Two for Tuesdays it was half price with my flatmate :) However the lovely pizza was later wasted through a tactical chunder >< 
Saves on calories I guess? :S

After scoffing my pizza in about 5 mins, I popped round to Zoe's for her to perform miracles and make me over again a la this post. She did a lovely job again as you can see from my make up and curls in the pics further down.

My flatmates got me this awesome cake as well! I didn't want to cut it ><

My crazy kitty card and penis pasta, courtesy of Chloe since she's just been to Rome for the weekend!
I love how excited I got over the balloon, I'm such a child >< Zoe also got me some lovely Soap and Glory shampoo and conditioner. She knows I'm kinda obsessed with it haha
Becca (left) and Kim (centre) are also my housemates for next year so this photo will definitely be making an appearance in our decorations!

It was a pretty good night apart from it raining on the walk home! We ended up at a drum and bass/dubstep night towards the end which was kinda surreal! I did feel like I was on drugs at the time, intense! ><

I'm going home for the weekend tomorrow, I'm so excited. Second birthday and more presents haha! I also get to see my best friend Bec again and I'm sure she'll have plenty of gossip from Paris :D

PS. A little experiment today showed that if you get your legs out a bit and chat to the Subway guy, you will get loads of extras and the best subway ever for regular price. Thank you! I'm ashamed of it, but I'm a whore for Subway haha ;)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Carnage and clothing

Well I haven't blogged in a while and a few things have happened since my last post ><

Firstly, on the 30th it was Carnage 
(which is a tshirt bar crawl which happens every couple of months and EVERYONE goes)

Of course I rejected the idea of being Barbie straight away, it's just not going to work on me XD Black shorts from primark and a poundshop gun all the way! ;)

My best friend Bec of Fashion, Glitter and Koala Bears from home came up for it as well so it was even better :D

I've also now booked train tickets to go see my friend Andy in Bristol at the beginning of March. So excited :D He runs a band management and promotion business called Akronical Live Music, go check them out ;) He's putting a gig on the Sunday and Broadway (featured in my Breathe post) were meant to be headlining but they've now dropped out. Boo! :( I'm sure it'll still be a great trip though, especially since I'll get to go to Shrinking Violet (an alternative clothing shop that sells the most amazing handmade dresses )

Speaking of dresses, remember the black beaded dress I ordered in Miss Selfridge sale? Well it came and it's gorgeous ^_^ Not a polyester monster as I'd feared. Definitely a winner for my birthday on Tuesday :D

I've bought a few other things this week:
Seems every girl has one of these as a staple in their wardrobe, I'm a late comer (as usual)


I also got this from New Look, but it's no longer on the website due to it being in the sale. It's from the Limited Edition range and was £15 down from about £40 I think. Still not 100% certain I can pull it off, but I just love how different it is from other stuff on the high street and it has a very vintage feel to it. I'm sure with the right styling it could look amazing but I'm pretty sure that's beyond my practically retarded fashion skills.

Somehow I managed to dress myself unaided last night, although it's hardly ground breaking XD

Apologies for the blurred picture but I was about to run out the door to catch the taxi. My flatmate Izy curled my hair for me, it looked amazing. I may invest in a hair curling wand but tbh I doubt I'll be able to make it look good! I didn't feel myself with curled hair and a skirt on, it was strange ><

Monday, 24 January 2011

Photos much?

So due to my recent break-up, it seemed a night out was in order. As I've mentioned before I am useless at doing anything with make-up, hair etc. 

My friend Zoë is so good at this, her eye make-up always looks lovely (shown in the photo below). She told me that she has a set of heated rollers and I was completely baffled as to where I would even start with them! >< 
That's also my flatmate Chloe on the right:

Anyway they decided to do a mini makeover on me before we went out haha. This involved in me choosing an outfit and Chloe practically ripping it off me and throwing her dress at me to put on. It was this lovely one from Primark which I put on backwards and upon realising decided to keep it that way! ><

Here's the front of the dress:
And the back!:
What do we think? Should I just have worn it the right way round like any normal person?

Zoë worked her magic on my face. Many laughs were had at my inability to make the right faces for blusher and lipgloss XD She even put foundation on me which I think is a first for my pale little face haha. I love how it felt like I was getting my face painted!

Here's a couple of better pictures which shows her handiwork!

Just as a comparison, this shows what I usually wear, although I've been trying a bit more lately haha.

So yeah, it was pretty fun actually! Especially since they pinned my hair up too, which I never do. Apparently they're doing free make-up tutorial lessons at Bobbi Brown counters so I should bite the bullet and learn something!

On the topic of trying to do something new, I actually cooked a curry from scratch tonight! No jars of sauce or anything! So proud. I'd post a photo but it looked like vomit. Despite appearances it was actually lovely :) 

Also just to add in another photo, 'cause clearly there aren't enough in this post >< 
I'm so pleased that this dress from Miss Selfridge got back in stock. They put it in sale for £40 but it sold out straight away :( The other day I just happened to click on it and they'd not only got it back in stock but knocked it down to £30 (originally £85). My order should come tomorrow so I'm excited to see if it's as nice as it looks! Although it is made of my dreaded polyester! :( Let's hope it's not a let down.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I just ended my longest relationship to date.. 
just shy of 18 months.

I feel so relieved.

This song is my therapy <3

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The right way to celebrate?

Okay sorry I haven't blogged for a couple of days, someone has definitely been nagging at me to get posting!

I had my first exam of University today, it was so surreal to be back in that environment again, all the desks in a row and creepy invigilators pacing up and down making you jump out of your skin! The exam went okay although the questions weren't as vague as promised by my lecturer so I didn't get to write about half the stuff I'd revised, boo! First time I've written about porn and The x Factor in an exam though, tres weird >< Of course everyone breathed a sigh of relief once it was over, half the people had left early by the time it was finished! What's the best way to celebrate an exam being over? Head to the shops of course, we went to Topshop and saw like 4 different people from our course that had just done the exam haha. Picked up a little sale bargain although not entirely sure it will stay in my wardrobe. Something about Topshop unnerves me and I rarely buy anything from there.

Mine is actually quite a bright magenta? An odd colour choice for me but I was kinda drawn to it >< Also tried these on in New Look, I know they're kind of vulgar but there's something about them I just love! And they were £10! But of course my bloody awkward feet didn't fit in them properly. [Went back the next day and bought them anyway!] Grr, you'll soon learn that I have really skinny feet and no shoes fit them unless they have adjustable straps. Nightmare :(

After that disappointment we nipped into Marks and Spencers foodhall. My flatmate Chloe got rather carried away the other day, spent £30 on bargains and then had to heave her bodyweight in goodies back to the flat. Not an easy task to say the least. They're doing some great pasta, pasta sauce and curry sauce offers atm, all half price so it's like 49p for a big jar of sauce! If you like a yummy bargain, I recommend.

We decided to pick up a yummy dine meal which included a roast chicken, mashed potato and apple pie. NOM, a good way to celebrate although I'm craving a night out in Newcastle so much! >< Ah well, we'll see what tomorrow brings. Possibly a trip to the metro centre and most likely a night out. Yay :) Also the most random thing seen in Newcastle to date:

That is a man dressed up as a nun, with very short trousers on the bottom, who has converted a mobility scooter into a piano that plays random sound effects including scat singing. ODD

Sunday, 9 January 2011


Hey :)
          I'm Siân. That's pronounced like "Sharn" btw, 
but I'm used to noone being able to say it or spell it ><
I'm 19 and I currently live in Newcastle, UK
I'm in my first year of university studying Advertising and Media at Northumbria. It's great so far, although some of the teaching leaves a little to be desired.. ahem!

I decided I wanted to start a blog in the new year as I spend enough time online without doing anything productive. 
What actually spurred me into it was : "I know, I'll start a blog and that'll give me something to do while I avoid revising for the exam next week. Genius!"
I'm kinda glad I have though, otherwise I would've just never got round to doing it. Like the 365 photo project I was going to in 2011. It's now the 9th. Oops!

I come from the "historic market town" of Howden, East Yorkshire. It's pretty pants, but I suppose most people think that when they live in a small place and everyone knows your business.

Anyway, a few facts about me:

I'm very impractical, which means..

I can't cook, even if I follow the recipe to the letter it still won't work. Food tech lessons at school were a total nightmare.

I am really not good with make up, painting my nails, doing my hair or anything along those girly lines. The most I stretch to in the make up department is a bit of concealer and eye make up which is very basic haha. I can't even do liquid eyeliner, fail. I need make up lessons or something, tutorials just don't translate to my unskilled wobbly hands! I think also seeing too many "cakefaces" and badly done make up just scares me. Perhaps too much Snog,Marry,Avoid? 
[If you've never heard of it, just watch the intro and you'll get the idea of my worst nightmare]

I daren't learn to drive, I think it's going to be disastrous! Sometimes I psych myself up, but I still wimp out before I book any lessons haha.

Music = <3
Without my hard drive and my iPod I'd be lost
I love pop punk, acoustic, piano, ska, emo, alternative.

I never used to listen to the radio so managed to avoid most of the chart music. Through being at work a lot on my gap year I listened to the radio a lot and eventually it's filtered into my music taste. I actually like a lot of pop and chart stuff now, especially through going on nights out. Gone are my hardcore rock days ><

Well that's all for now. 
Who knows what I'll ramble about in my next post! :)

Btw, the title of my blog is a line from 
New Found Glory - Too Good To Be