Monday, 24 January 2011

Photos much?

So due to my recent break-up, it seemed a night out was in order. As I've mentioned before I am useless at doing anything with make-up, hair etc. 

My friend Zoë is so good at this, her eye make-up always looks lovely (shown in the photo below). She told me that she has a set of heated rollers and I was completely baffled as to where I would even start with them! >< 
That's also my flatmate Chloe on the right:

Anyway they decided to do a mini makeover on me before we went out haha. This involved in me choosing an outfit and Chloe practically ripping it off me and throwing her dress at me to put on. It was this lovely one from Primark which I put on backwards and upon realising decided to keep it that way! ><

Here's the front of the dress:
And the back!:
What do we think? Should I just have worn it the right way round like any normal person?

Zoë worked her magic on my face. Many laughs were had at my inability to make the right faces for blusher and lipgloss XD She even put foundation on me which I think is a first for my pale little face haha. I love how it felt like I was getting my face painted!

Here's a couple of better pictures which shows her handiwork!

Just as a comparison, this shows what I usually wear, although I've been trying a bit more lately haha.

So yeah, it was pretty fun actually! Especially since they pinned my hair up too, which I never do. Apparently they're doing free make-up tutorial lessons at Bobbi Brown counters so I should bite the bullet and learn something!

On the topic of trying to do something new, I actually cooked a curry from scratch tonight! No jars of sauce or anything! So proud. I'd post a photo but it looked like vomit. Despite appearances it was actually lovely :) 

Also just to add in another photo, 'cause clearly there aren't enough in this post >< 
I'm so pleased that this dress from Miss Selfridge got back in stock. They put it in sale for £40 but it sold out straight away :( The other day I just happened to click on it and they'd not only got it back in stock but knocked it down to £30 (originally £85). My order should come tomorrow so I'm excited to see if it's as nice as it looks! Although it is made of my dreaded polyester! :( Let's hope it's not a let down.

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