Friday, 18 February 2011

Recent purchases!

Motel dress with a low back, £9 in Topshop.  Has a mark on it though so I'll have to handwash it before I get to wear it. Boo! [Edit: Just seen this on the Motel website at full price still! £42, I think not]
 Best pants ever! 90p Topshop and they glow in the dark!

Shearling boots. [I know that shearling is out of season now but I don't caaaaaaare ><] Primark, £10
 Primark, £18. May still return these though!
 Primark, £8. Love the colours in this shirt. Adding to my checked shirt collection, oops.
 £12, QED London at TK Maxx. Think this would be described as a cape top? Idk, it's floaty and lovely :)
 £18, (originally £42)Max C at TK Maxx 

£18, TK Maxx. May take this to Shop and Rock on Sunday to get shortened! :O

Think I've bought a few other bits and pieces as well. Another pair of shorts, some underwear. Ooh if you're about to buy a mascara or lipstick, head to Boots. I had a £2 off any mascara or lipstick voucher on the Advantage card machine! :)


  1. I could of shortened it for you! send it to me with that pigeon :)xxx

  2. Oh I took it back in the end, decided it wasn't quite right on me. They were useless at Shop & Rock. Alterations? I think not. Just sewing shitty flowers on things! You can put some padding in that Topshop dress I got though :D x

  3. great buys on trend for jewel colour, checks and stars !!
    Ashley x
    come visit :)

  4. Cute, like the first purple dress. lovely little blog, you have great style - am now following xxx