Thursday, 13 January 2011

The right way to celebrate?

Okay sorry I haven't blogged for a couple of days, someone has definitely been nagging at me to get posting!

I had my first exam of University today, it was so surreal to be back in that environment again, all the desks in a row and creepy invigilators pacing up and down making you jump out of your skin! The exam went okay although the questions weren't as vague as promised by my lecturer so I didn't get to write about half the stuff I'd revised, boo! First time I've written about porn and The x Factor in an exam though, tres weird >< Of course everyone breathed a sigh of relief once it was over, half the people had left early by the time it was finished! What's the best way to celebrate an exam being over? Head to the shops of course, we went to Topshop and saw like 4 different people from our course that had just done the exam haha. Picked up a little sale bargain although not entirely sure it will stay in my wardrobe. Something about Topshop unnerves me and I rarely buy anything from there.

Mine is actually quite a bright magenta? An odd colour choice for me but I was kinda drawn to it >< Also tried these on in New Look, I know they're kind of vulgar but there's something about them I just love! And they were £10! But of course my bloody awkward feet didn't fit in them properly. [Went back the next day and bought them anyway!] Grr, you'll soon learn that I have really skinny feet and no shoes fit them unless they have adjustable straps. Nightmare :(

After that disappointment we nipped into Marks and Spencers foodhall. My flatmate Chloe got rather carried away the other day, spent £30 on bargains and then had to heave her bodyweight in goodies back to the flat. Not an easy task to say the least. They're doing some great pasta, pasta sauce and curry sauce offers atm, all half price so it's like 49p for a big jar of sauce! If you like a yummy bargain, I recommend.

We decided to pick up a yummy dine meal which included a roast chicken, mashed potato and apple pie. NOM, a good way to celebrate although I'm craving a night out in Newcastle so much! >< Ah well, we'll see what tomorrow brings. Possibly a trip to the metro centre and most likely a night out. Yay :) Also the most random thing seen in Newcastle to date:

That is a man dressed up as a nun, with very short trousers on the bottom, who has converted a mobility scooter into a piano that plays random sound effects including scat singing. ODD

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