Sunday, 9 January 2011


Hey :)
          I'm Siân. That's pronounced like "Sharn" btw, 
but I'm used to noone being able to say it or spell it ><
I'm 19 and I currently live in Newcastle, UK
I'm in my first year of university studying Advertising and Media at Northumbria. It's great so far, although some of the teaching leaves a little to be desired.. ahem!

I decided I wanted to start a blog in the new year as I spend enough time online without doing anything productive. 
What actually spurred me into it was : "I know, I'll start a blog and that'll give me something to do while I avoid revising for the exam next week. Genius!"
I'm kinda glad I have though, otherwise I would've just never got round to doing it. Like the 365 photo project I was going to in 2011. It's now the 9th. Oops!

I come from the "historic market town" of Howden, East Yorkshire. It's pretty pants, but I suppose most people think that when they live in a small place and everyone knows your business.

Anyway, a few facts about me:

I'm very impractical, which means..

I can't cook, even if I follow the recipe to the letter it still won't work. Food tech lessons at school were a total nightmare.

I am really not good with make up, painting my nails, doing my hair or anything along those girly lines. The most I stretch to in the make up department is a bit of concealer and eye make up which is very basic haha. I can't even do liquid eyeliner, fail. I need make up lessons or something, tutorials just don't translate to my unskilled wobbly hands! I think also seeing too many "cakefaces" and badly done make up just scares me. Perhaps too much Snog,Marry,Avoid? 
[If you've never heard of it, just watch the intro and you'll get the idea of my worst nightmare]

I daren't learn to drive, I think it's going to be disastrous! Sometimes I psych myself up, but I still wimp out before I book any lessons haha.

Music = <3
Without my hard drive and my iPod I'd be lost
I love pop punk, acoustic, piano, ska, emo, alternative.

I never used to listen to the radio so managed to avoid most of the chart music. Through being at work a lot on my gap year I listened to the radio a lot and eventually it's filtered into my music taste. I actually like a lot of pop and chart stuff now, especially through going on nights out. Gone are my hardcore rock days ><

Well that's all for now. 
Who knows what I'll ramble about in my next post! :)

Btw, the title of my blog is a line from 
New Found Glory - Too Good To Be

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  1. woohoo you did it!!! I'm proud I shall be following :) xxx